Career Transition Management

Right Management has helped more than 3.5 million people transition to new careers and opportunities, while helping organisations maintain productivity and reduce risk through transformation.


With end-to-end transition planning and implementation, we help organisations balance the needs of individual employees seeking their next career opportunity with the need for business continuity and minimal disruption.

What We Deliver

Our career transition services are tailored to employees at all levels of the organisation with flexible, individual, 1:1 programmes, or group on-site delivery.

  • RightChoice - Individual Outplacement Services

    Our career transition programmes enable exiting employees to land faster and find more satisfying roles while ensuring that they remain supportive of your brand.


  • Executive Transition Services

    Designed for senior executives, our high-touch solutions combine coaching, connections and market intelligence with leadership development - identifying key enablers and capabilities to achieve personal and career goals.

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  • Outplacement Programmes

    Outplacement programmes designed to form part of the social plan of an Employment Regulation File (ERE) or Collective Dismissal, responding to the organisations' commitments to their professionals.


  • Special programmes

    Our special programmes are flexible solutions that are designed to address the challenges and needs of specific professional groups of organisations and their ecosystem, such as Group Programmes, Relocation Programmes for Spouses, for professionals in pre-retirement or retirement phase, Mobility Programmes Geographical, INSIDE Programmes or for people who rejoin the labor market after a break in their career.


Support Employees With Effective Outplacement

Right Management outplacement services enable departing individuals to land better roles, faster, to minimize the disruption of workforce transitions while also supporting remaining employees with career development support in the form of coaching and upskilling. This comprehensive approach is aimed at maintaining employer brand and ensuring business continuity by proactively engaging and retaining critical talent.

Why Right Management?

  • We land people faster in better roles.
  • We offer flexible delivery via programs tailored to meet organizational and individual needs.
  • We leverage our global expertise and market insights to help people understand current hiring trends and opportunities and how to find the in-demand jobs, faster.
  • Our dedicated coaches make the difference.


Career Transition Management Resources

How our tailored solutions have helped organisations achieve successful workforce transitions.

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Right Management helps businesses engage, develop and retain their workforce by leveraging data and insight to drive talent decisions. We help organisations accelerate performance by building the capability to adapt their workforces for today - and for whatever the future holds.


Workforce Career Management should be a sustainable and dynamic foundation to your organisation. It enhances workforce agility and improves employer brand by delivering career development and learning opportunities - the things employees want most.


Leaders set the culture of the organisation, impacting everything from employee retention to workforce productivity. In a rapidly transforming business environment, taking an insight-driven approach to identifying and developing leaders is more important than ever.


Build a strong, talent-based foundation for strategic workforce initiatives to enable long term growth. We provide a collaborative, insight-driven approach from workforce planning to talent optimisation, and implementation to upskilling/reskilling.


Make better, data-driven decisions about your talent, resources and planning, and enhance visibility to your workforce. Our global business and market intelligence create labour market insights that inform business decisions.


With the proliferation of workforce data, organisations need a partner to help them interpret insights that accelerate strategic, forward looking decisions. By leveraging assessment and our deep analytics capabilities, we deliver talent insights that enable workforce optimisation.