Growing a strong crop of new leaders in Asia

Client Industry

Food Manufacturing / Associated British Foods PLC


Associated British Foods (ABF) established a presence in China in the mid-nineties that was led primarily by expats and foreign assignees to supplement the skills of local leadership. ABF came to realize this approach lacked sustainability and would limit their ability to reach their performance goals. The company decided to invest in building stronger local leadership to optimize the performance of the 10,000 employees in the region.


In collaboration with Right Management’s China-based consultants, the company focused on identifying and developing local leaders to drive results at an individual level and cascade that performance through the entire operation in China. This included:


“Big capital projects are now coming in on time, on budget, and working very effectively. That’s not a story we could have told a few years ago,” says Des Pullen, Group HR Director, Associated British Foods PLC.

In addition the company has experienced: