Reducing churn with stronger development methodologies

Client Industry

Dairy Products / Dairy Crest


Dairy Crest had a robust talent identification process in place to identify high potentials but lacked a process

for this group to effectively advance and develop their careers within the company. Consequently, retention

and engagement of this high value talent group was suffering. “The key for us was retaining individuals who

were critical for our business,” says Sue Blight, Head of Leadership and Development, Dairy Crest.


Right Management partnered with Dairy Crest to design a process that would help high potential talent become more effective in their current and future roles within the company. “Right Management was very flexible, working with our models and competency framework to develop a program that people in our business

would really understand,” says Blight. The program included:


Hundreds of employees have gone through the program and the company reports higher engagement scores and increased retention of key talent. “We have objective data on people’s potential whereas before it was very subjective,” says Blight. The mentoring process in particular has helped the company retain several key talents who are critical to the business.