Two-Track Leadership Training Delivers Value for Multinational Consumer Products Giant

Leader Development

Client Industry

Consumer Products.


This leading consumer products company considered it imperative to be a high performing organization with a strong bench of ready leaders – yet lacked a consistent global program for leadership development.

Workforce Solution

To address the lack of market ready leaders, Right Management identified and tailored programs for two distinct populations: Emerging Leaders and Informal Leaders. 

The programs, which ran from six to nine months, used a blended learning approach combining interactive sessions (delivered virtually and face-to-face) with self-study and peer group action learning. This served to enhance formal and informal learning and catered to a wider variety of learning style preferences. To ensure that the behaviors were practiced, participants’ managers were engaged as coaches, attended the kick-off event, and received customized coaching toolkits to provide guidance to their employees.


Experiential learning aligned to the strategy and business environment led to tangible business improvements and a return on investment for this initiative. The programs have become highly integrated to the company’s overall leadership development strategy.